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Transform the way you study Scripture with Verbum.

Verbum lets you study the Scripture and the Tradition on your computer or mobile device.

The cutting-edge technology of Verbum brings the ancient tradition of the Church to life, fully integrating it with sacred Scripture. Never before has studying the Faith been so rewarding, or so easy!

Delve into the faith.

"Scripture is to be proclaimed, heard, read, received, and experienced as the Word of God, in the stream of the apostolic Tradition from which it is inseparable."

-Pope Benedict XVI, Verbum Domini

Follow the Faith through the ages.

Start with Scripture, then follow the traditions of the Catholic Church. From the Church Fathers to Vatican II, Logos lets you fully explore the Faith.

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  • Scriptural text
  • Church Fathers
  • Medieval writings
  • Modern doctrine

Understand the underlying languages.

The language tools in Logos Catholic libraries help you understand Scripture, even if you don’t know Greek or Hebrew.

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  • Exegetical guide
  • Bible Word Study tool

Enrich your study with advanced technology.

Find what you’re looking for; Logos’ smart tools uncover the information you seek, and even cite your sources for you.

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  • Smart searches
  • Shared notes
  • Automatic citations

Take the Scripture and tradition anywhere.

The powerful Logos app puts your Catholic library on popular mobile devices, so you can study anywhere.

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  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Kindle Fire

As Catholics, we are called to read the Scriptures from the heart of the Church, from within the living Tradition, and to be transformed by our encounter with the Living Word. I use Logos myself, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to all Catholics who are looking to grow deeper in their faith and understanding.

- Dr. Scott Hahn


Logos is on the cutting edge of Bible Study. The tools that they have provided for Catholics make studying the Bible more fruitful and portable. I highly recommend it and encourage students of the Great Adventure to use this intuitive software in their daily studies.

- Jeff Cavins


Logos provides a treasure trove of insights both on Scripture and on countless other faith-building resources, including the Church Fathers, Church councils, and the great saints and doctors of the Church. I use Logos Bible Software constantly, I am convinced of its value, and I enthusiastically recommend it to others.

- Jimmy Akin


I've been using Logos Bible Software for years and I can't remember how I did Scripture study without it. As I tell my students, if you're trying to do Catholic Bible study without this Software you're handicapping yourself! Unlock your potential as a student of Scripture and get Logos today.

- Michael Barber, Ph.D.

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