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Andrew W. Jones, PhD

Andrew Jones is the director of Catholic products at Logos Bible Software. An expert on the history of the papacy, he holds a PhD in medieval history from St. Louis University. Andrew taught history at Lindenwood University and St. Louis University before coming to work for Logos.

Andrew’s research and writing focuses on the development of the papal office and of its theological underpinnings. Andrew is an expert on the construction of the Roman administration, of the canon law, and of the organizational structure of the Church during the crucial centuries of the High Middle Ages. This expertise includes the Crusades, the Inquisition, and the development of the College of Cardinals—all essential topics for an understanding of the development of the papacy. Andrew has done considerable writing on the problem of a vacant Holy See and on the development of the conclave as the mechanism for the election of a new pope. His expertise extends beyond institutional developments, however, and into the theological and philosophical movements that complemented them.

Andrew has published several articles on the papacy, has presented numerous papers at academic conferences, and is in the final stages of revising his book on the relationship between Pope Clement IV and King Louis IX. He is also writing a book on the history of the problem of Church and State during the Middle Ages.

Phone: 360-527-1700 x5195

Select Publications:

Fulk of Neuilly, Innocent III, and the Preaching of the Fourth Crusade
Comitatus, September 2010

The Preacher of the Fourth Lateran Council: Innocent III’s Ecclesiology and the Office of Preaching
The Catholic Historical Review, 2011

An Enqueteur Talks to an Inquisitor: The Context of Gui Foucois (Clement IV)’s Consultation to the Dominican Inquisitors (c. 1257)
Forty-fifth International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2010

A Crusade without a Pope: Louis IX’s Second Crusade and the Making of Canon Law
The Second International Symposium on Crusade Studies (publicly presented paper)

The Inquisition against Raymond, Bishop of Toulouse, and the Limits of Papal Power during the Reign of Urban IV (1261–1264)
Forty-fourth International Congress on Medieval Studies, May 2009 (publicly presented paper)

The Archpriest Controversy and the Negotiation of Catholic Orthodoxy in England, 1595–1602
Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies Panel on the Reformation in England, April 2009 (publicly presented paper)

Crusaders, Barbarians, and the Fall of Constantinople in the History of Nicetas Choniates
The Crusades Studies Forum (publicly presented paper)

The Preacher’s Right to sumptus in the Exchange between Thomas Aquinas and William of Saint-Amour
Conference of the Medieval Association of the Pacific, March 2007 (publicly presented paper)

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