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As Catholics, we are called to read the Scriptures from the heart of the Church, from within the living Tradition, and to be transformed by our encounter with the Living Word. Logos Bible Software is an amazing tool toward this end. It illuminates the text of sacred Scripture with valuable sources from our Tradition, allowing us to study the Word of God in symphony with the fathers, doctors, and saints, and in harmony with the Magisterium. What is more, Logos enables you to enter more deeply into the biblical text itself—studying the Greek or Hebrew, even for those with limited knowledge of these languages. I use Logos myself, and I whole-heartedly recommend it to all Catholics who are looking to grow deeper in their faith and understanding.


Dr. Scott Hahn

Professor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville and author of numerous bestselling books.

Logos is on the cutting edge of Bible Study. The tools that they have provided for Catholics make studying the Bible more fruitful and portable. Logos is always thinking ahead and providing opportunities for Christians to engage Christ in His word. I highly recommend it and encourage students of the Great Adventure to use this intuitive software in their daily studies.


Jeff Cavins

Popular speaker, teacher and author, president of the Great Adventure Company, director of the Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute based at the St. Paul Seminary.

Logos Bible Software gives you the ability to instantly and effortlessly make discoveries in the Bible that would have taken scholars endless hours of labor in the past. Logos provides a treasure trove of insights both on Scripture and on countless other faith-building resources, including the Church Fathers, Church councils, and the great saints and doctors of the Church. I use Logos Bible Software constantly, I am convinced of its value, and I enthusiastically recommend it to others.


Jimmy Akin

Author and speaker,

I've been using Logos Bible Software for years and I can't remember how I did Scripture study without it! Not only can Logos Bible Software do word searches, analysis of texts in their original languages, etc.--it does much more! Logos has paid particular attention to the needs of Catholics, adding papal documents, key sources from Catholic tradition, and works by prominent Catholic scholars like Scott Hahn. What I especially like is the way Logos has hyperlinked all of these works to one another. Curious what a particular father or scholar has to say about a given passage? Logos' intertextual links will take you there in a moment! And you can have access to your entire library on your cell phone! As I tell my students, if you're trying to do Catholic Bible study without this Software you're handicapping yourself! Insisting that it won't add much to your ability to study the Bible is like insisting that using a typewriter can do just about as much as a computer. Unlock your potential as a student of Scripture and get Logos today.


Michael Barber, Ph.D.

John Paul the Great Catholic University, San Diego, CA

There is little doubt that I am one of the first Logos users. I’ve used it continuously since 1990. Why have I continued to use it through the years? There were three answers, and now there are four. First, Logos has always been on the cutting edge of software technology for Bible study. Second, its customer support and training are unsurpassed. Third, it has always been powerful and easy-to-use and keeps getting better. The fourth reason has just arrived: in addition to all the excellent resources it has now added Catholic materials for which I applaud Logos. As a Catholic convert I am very excited about these new resources.


Steve Ray

Popular speaker and author of St. John’s Gospel, Upon This Rock, Crossing the Tiber, and host of the popular TV series The Footprints of God.

Logos is not just the premier Bible software today; it's the most powerful Scriptural tool in the history of the Church. Where else can you study the Bible alongside Jerome, Augustine, Aquinas, and Benedict? Or in light of liturgical prayers, conciliar documents, and writings from the saints? Logos brings all of that to you in an elegant, easy-to-use package. It surrounds the Bible with the riches of Tradition and thereby unveils Scripture in all of its color, beauty, texture.


Brandon Vogt

Author of the book, The Church and New Media: Blogging Converts, Online Activists, and Bishops Who Tweet

My door into Logos as the electronic home for a Catholic scholar opened in 2001 when I bought Luther’s Works. I used BibleWorks and then Accordance for many years. Logos is more powerful, elegant, and comprehensive. I regularly use the Summa (English and Latin), Newman, Brown, Ratzinger, Fitzmyer, Hahn, and many others. I am looking forward to Balthasar and the Patrologia Latina. The great texts of the whole tradition are needed to read Scripture. Logos is well on its way to fulfilling that need.


Dr. Michael Waldstein

Max Seckler Professor of Theology at Ave Maria University

This is more than software. It's a respectable theological library that fits easily onto an iPad and goes everywhere you might have to go. In some ways it's better than the bookshelves of a theological library, since it's searchable. Logos is helping us train for the kingdom of heaven -- with treasures old and new (Mt 13:52)


Mike Aquilina

Author of more than thirty books on Catholicism, Executive vice-president of the St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology, co-host with Scott Hahn of eight series that air on EWTN.

As a Catholic bishop I have taken notice with delight of the partnership Logos has reached with some the prestigious institutions of our Church, such as, the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome, the Collegeville Catholic Reference Library and others. As ex-president of the Pontifical Theological Faculty I am convinced that we need to overcome – as soon as possible – our ‘ecclesial deficit in the appropriate use of electronic media’ and fill in the gaps in the biblical formation of our contributors. LOGOS is the ideal partner.


Bishop Norberto Strotmann

Diocese of Chosica

I’ve been a happy and satisfied Logos customer and cheerleader for over 15 years and have recommended the software countless times to folks on my weekly radio show, at my parish seminars, and talks. I’m very excited about Catholic base packages and whole-heartedly recommend them.


Patrick Madrid

Author of 16 books on Catholic themes, director of the Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College, adjunct professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, and host of the Thursday edition of EWTN Radio’s “Open Line” broadcast (3-5 pm ET).

I use the Catholic Logos Bible Software daily as I prepare blog posts. I've also used Logos for my doctoral dissertation, and in both books that I've written. I can copy and paste quickly and easily into a MS Word doc or into a blog post. I also appreciate how I can customize the presentation in a Catholic way. I have my window set up so that I can see the Greek, Latin Vulgate, and the Douay-Rheims English - each is searchable. I was delighted that Logos has the traditional Clementine Vulgate for academic research. Five stars!


Taylor Marshall

Author of The Crucified Rabbi: Judaism and the Origins of Catholic Christianity and The Catholic Perspective on Paul

Having been a Logos customer for years, I’ve benefited from more expedient searching and volumes of biblical resources. And as a professor of Scripture for Catholic seminarians, I can’t express just how enthused I am about the new Catholic Resources collection at Logos. Hundreds of volumes of vital Catholic texts at one’s fingertips … from the Church fathers to Catholic bible translations to the Summa and Newman, Ratzinger – even St. Thérèse of Lisieux! Way to go, Logos!


Dr. Steven C. Smith

Assistant Professor of Sacred Scripture, Mount St. Mary’s Seminary

Logos makes something as deep and vast as scripture accessible, fast, and awe inspiring... even for Catholic hackers like me! With this tool, in mere seconds, we can take any verse and read related commentaries, quotations from the Early Church fathers, Church councils, spiritual works, parallel passages, original language tools, and so much more! This is a MUST have for scripture divers like me. Give yourself a gift, get this tool then use it and share the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith with all the world. Dive Deep!


Joe McClane

Speaker and Evangelist,

As we prepare for the Year of Faith during this era of the New Evangelization, the Logos Catholic collection is indispensable and invaluable for every priest, deacon, religious or lay faithful… As President of a national association of priests and deacons (Confraternity of Catholic Clergy), I enthusiastically recommend this product and urge and exhort my colleagues to use Logos. It has become my vademecum as I can access my documents on my iPhone, iPad, laptop & desktop computer. Best of all, the software allows me to connect and link the scriptures and catechism not only with each other but also with the Fathers of Church, the Summa and gemstones like Denzinger's Enchiridion Symbolorum (in English)…Logos is a pearl of great worth.


Rev. Fr. John Trigilio, Jr., PhD, ThD

Pastor, Our Lady of Good Counsel (Marysville, PA) & Saint Bernadette (Duncannon, PA) President, Confraternity of Catholic Clergy Author, Catholicism for Dummies, Catholic Mass for Dummies, Catholicism Answer Book Host, Web of Faith (EWTN) Regular bi-weekly Guest Host on Catholic Answers Radio

I can’t say enough good things about Logos. There is absolutely no comparison to what they have done in Bible software technology. Just about everything that a student of Scripture could possibly want is now at their fingertips! You can have a great assortment of resources right on your iPad and take it with you wherever you go! And now students of Catholic Scripture Study International will have not only this wealth of information available to them, along with their CSS studies, but also the means to study and share new insights and information with other CSS students around the world. This is truly answered prayer!

Gail Buckley

Gail Buckley

Founder & President of Catholic Scripture Study International and host of the weekly national radio program, The Bible Lady.

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