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Delve into the Faith in powerful ways.

Start digging deeper with a Verbum library.

Each Verbum library contains hundreds of Bibles, commentaries, and other Church resources that you can access on your Mac, PC, and mobile devices.

Verbum Basic

Get the core resources you need to start studying Scripture alongside the Tradition. Start with the Catechism, then jump to a library worth over $2,800.

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Payments start at $27.91 / mo.

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Verbum Foundation

Go deeper in your study with biblical commentaries and works by the Church's greatest Fathers, Doctors, and saints—all in a library worth over $5,200.

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Payments start at $46.66 / mo.

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Verbum Scripture Study

Immerse yourself in Scripture with tools to help you understand its meaning, context, and application. Get powerful tools and a smart library worth over $9,000.

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Payments start at $79.16 / mo.

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Verbum Scholar

Get powerful tools and resources for studying Greek, Hebrew, and Latin. This library, which offers hundreds of time-saving reference works, is worth over $14,000.

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Payments start at $80.28 / mo.

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Verbum Master

Explore Church Documents coupled with the best in modern theology. With crucial works from popes, saints, and historians, this library is worth nearly $20,000.

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Payments start at $81.04 / mo.

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Verbum Capstone

Open the Scripture to scholarly analysis, and the Tradition to profound study. Get the best scholarship—both ancient and modern—with a library worth nearly $30,000.

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Payments start at $125.41 / mo.

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Follow the Faith through the Ages

Dig in with the Passage Guide.

Enter a Scripture or topic in the Passage Guide, and in seconds it finds material from the Scriptures, Church Fathers, medieval writings, and modern teaching— all opened to the right page.

Begin at the Home Page.

The Verbum Home Page is your springboard into better Scripture study. You’ll receive new suggestions daily, including devotionals, Bible passages, Bible dictionary articles, illustrations, and links to the Logos blog.

Understand the Underlying Languages

Discover what it means.

The Bible Word Study tool lets you dig even deeper. Select any word in the Scriptures to see how the word is translated, how it functions, and where it’s used in other ancient literature.

Explore Greek and Hebrew.

The Exegetical Guide gets you into the original languages, even if you don’t read Greek or Hebrew. Enter a Scripture reference, and it breaks the passage down word by word.

Take the Scripture and tradition anywhere.

The Verbum app puts your Logos library in your pocket. It syncs with your Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire and Android devices, so you can enjoy the best in Scripture study anywhere.

Bring the text to life with technology.

Remember what you discover.

Make notes and custom highlights. Save quotes with Clippings. Stay on track with smart reading plans. Logos lets you do all this and more.

Verbum cites your sources automatically.

Build messages and write papers with ease! When you copy and paste from Verbum, it automatically cites the source in your preferred format.

Smart searches find what you’re looking for.

Verbum finds results similar to your query. When you search “Eucharist,” you’ll get results for “Lord’s Supper,” so you spend more time studying and less time searching.

Search your library in seconds.

Verbum searches thousands of books in less time than it takes to pull one print book off your shelf. Searching “Eucharist” turns up thousands of hits in less than a second.

I’ve used Logos continuously since 1990. First, Logos has always been on the cutting edge of software technology for Bible study. Second, its customer support and training are unsurpassed. Third, it has always been powerful and easy-to-use and keeps getting better.

- Steve Ray


Logos is not just the premier Bible software today; it's the most powerful Scriptural tool in the history of the Church. It surrounds the Bible with the riches of Tradition and thereby unveils Scripture in all of its color, beauty, texture.

- Brandon Vogt

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